Rio de Janeiro the Entrepreneur City

Papaya Ventures

“O Rio de Janeiro continua lindo, o Rio de Janeiro continua sendo”…. (The Rio de Janeiro remains beautiful, the Rio de Janeiro remains being)…. The famous brazilian song “Aquele Abraço” by Gilberto Gil, couldn’t be more up-to-date. With great events to come such as the World Cup in 2014 and 2016 Olympics, the wonderful city it’s the talk of the town and the world as well.

But beautiful landscapes is not only what the city lives on, here you can find some of the best colleges in the country, one of the best oil companies in the world, the most envied lifestyle, after all who would not love to live in a city where the natural landscape mix with modern lifestyle? Rio de Janeiro overflow’s joy, sensuality, charm and a lot of hard-working people, with the guts to be entrepreneurs and to make this city the place to be in…

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the golden buddha

Discovered this blog today. As an Asian guy, I really like it!

for the past 9 summers of my life, i’ve blissfully spent my summer months at camp kahdalea in brevard, north carolina, in the heart of the blue ridge mountains. ( here i learned how to dress like a pirate/mermaid/young lady, plunge from great heights into icy lakes (okayyy that was dramatic, but for me, the high dive is extreme ;), to laugh when mistakes were made, and most importantly, to feel at home in my own skin.

getting to be on staff, Anne (camp director & queen of folly) would always remind us,

“no matter what we do, if it’s riding at the barn, hiking on a trail, or playing in the lake, it’s all about reaching a heart.”

and it’s true! i will never forget the life-changing experience of being loved this way. of these counselors and camp friends (criends) who came into my life, sailed…

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“Roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair.” Bruce Springsteen

To Matagorda beach where cattle gather at night to escape mosquitos
where white calves lit by the moon
are taken by sharks feeding in the shallows
here, on Easter morning
Amish women come barefoot with their daughters.

Fully clothed as the day they are born again in water
Amish women wade in the Gulf to their thighs
heads covered
skirts to mid-calf dyed the modest colors of the sky.
They kneel to the wave that covers them
knowing without believing
this is the Mother they are born from.

While fathers, uncles, brothers, sons walk the beach
dressed in black with their boots laced
or wait in rented utilitarian vans
discussing scripture and the price of harness leather,

Amish mothers in their early 30’s with teenaged daughters
walk to their waists in surf

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Street Fashion: Downtown Asheville!

I am seriously THRILLED to share these photos with you! We knew from the inception of this project that we’d want to do street fashion. I’ve been following street fashion photographers for years and so has Eric, so of course we wanted to share the amazing looks that we see everyday walking around Asheville. This city has such an amazing sense of personal style. If you’ve been here then you know, Asheville is quite possibly the easiest place in the world to express yourself. So, we had to grab the people that caught our eye and share their amazing looks with you!

The goal for these posts are for you to see ordinary people looking amazing. A lot of times we think we can’t pull a certain look off, but, you can! So, let these everyday people be your inspiration as you pick out what to wear this weekend!

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